if so, you can earn money while cooking a meal

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Being financially independent is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Being financially independent from sitting at home is an even greater feeling. Cooking is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home and can easily be made into a thriving business. If you are confident in your culinary experience and consider yourself a foodie, there are a variety of options out there that allow you to earn money while showing your love for food.

1) Sell your food online or through a catering business.

  • a) There are multiple ways to advertise your food and style of cooking and the best part? None of them require you to open a restaurant! Online food marketplaces such as MyNeighbourhoodKitchen allow Chefs to advertise and sell their food online to customers. This way, not only do the customers benefit from healthy, home cooked food at an affordable price, Chefs get to advertise and share their passion for cooking and make a little money out of it!

2) Start online/in person cooking lessons.

  • a) If you are comfortable teaching, being around people or even recording in front of a camera, cooking classes are the way to go! Creating an online video tutorial or inviting people over for a couple hours to learn a select number of dishes is a great way to exercise your love for cooking while helping others as well! Creating an online subscription where you regularly update your videos or a weekly cooking class will not only boost your experience, it will create an ongoing source of revenue since your viewers will keep coming back!


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