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We have seen women competing with men in many large fields. From corporate businesses to healthcare to artists, women and men continue to go head to head, women outshining men in a certain field and men outshining women in another. When it comes to culinary arts and cooking, the line of competition is blurred. Simply put, everyone needs to eat.

Cooking, if not seen as a necessity, is seen as an art. Art is subjective and definitely not limited by gender constraints and capabilities. Both women and men excel in this field, with varying expertise and experience. This leaves us with the question of what makes a great Chef and how does one master culinary arts? Upon researching world class Chefs and crunching statistics, it looks like being adventurous and incorporating culture into food, being a perfectionist, and creating new ways to cook are what ultimately makes a good Chef.

Now what if I tell you there was a way to order home cooked food? So, you would still get the same health benefits without worrying about preparing the meal. Our wide variety of chefs at My Neighbourhood Kitchen specialize in healthy, home cooked food that will arrive right at your doorstep, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds. Our all-star chefs are the best at what they do, check out their recipes today!

Adventurous Cooking

An adventurous Chef is someone that loves a challenge, especially when it comes to exotic dishes, cultural foods and a blend of spices. An adventurous Chef continually defies traditional dishes and norms of cooking to create something completely new and enticing. They never overthink things and emerge successful in their endeavours.


Most, if not all, Chefs are perfectionists. When it comes to their line of work, one small mistake and the entire work goes down the drain pun intended. It is critical for Chefs to add the correct amount of each ingredient, cook at the ideal temperature for just the right amount of time. Once a recipe is created, top Chefs work hard to perfect it to the point where they can make it with their eyes closed.

Loving what you do is the key to being good at it. Along with that, being a perfectionist and adventuring out in your craft will help you emerge as a leader and a world-class Chef.


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