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Hello Chefs, here are some of our frequently asked questions and our answers!

Signing Up and Getting Started

A We advise all Chefs to use a valid, working email address as all communication and transactions will be carried out through it.
We ask all Chefs to add the shops they get their meat and produce from. This is because we want to ensure our customers are receiving food catered to their dietary restrictions. For example, if you shop says “halal” you should be getting your meat from a halal store.
No. Your address only becomes available to customers once they place an order and pay for it.
Not at all! You can choose to simply not deliver at all and have customers come pick up the dish from your house. If you do choose to deliver, you get to decide at what cost!
Safety is our number one priority. We place all new accounts on hold for 12-48 hours to verify your identity and ensure our customers are receiving fresh food that is safe to eat. During this time, our representatives will be in contact.
We ask our Chefs to add these things so our Foodies get to know you better. Food is all about being comfort and enjoyment. By giving our Foodies a glimpse into your life, they will feel safer and more motivated to order from you

Uploading Dishes

No, customers will not see your dish unless you publish it.
We realize that not everyone is available at all times. That is why we have added an “availability feature” to all of our dishes. After you upload a dish, our availability feature helps you decide what days/times the dish will be available to customers. You can choose specific days of the week and a time span during those days when you know you will be available. Customers will not be able to order your dish on the days it is unavailable.
You can use the inactive mode on your profile and make your profile inactive for the entire day. This way, your dishes will not be available to customers. Once you decide you are available again, you can make your profile active and customers will begin to see your dishes once again.
At MNK, we have a simple rating system. If your rating drops below 3 stars by multiple customers, you will be removed from our platform.
Offer price is the price you are willing to give to your customers while meal price is a higher, original price. Essentially, the offer price is a discount on the original meal price. If you do not want to give your customers a discount on the original, simply leave the offer price blank.
Once you have created and published a dish, cloning it will create another dish exactly like the one you made with all the original information pre-filled. You can then use this as a template to create another dish.
An ingredients list lets our Foodies know what to expect when ordering your food. It also helps in terms of allergies and dietary restrictions. Serving size lets our Foodies know how big the dish is and how many people can eat from it.
Yes, we try to minimize the distance between our Chefs and Foodies so delivery and pick up is easy.
All payments are done online with any valid credit or debit card.


Hello! Thank you for becoming a Foodie with My Neighbourhood Kitchen. Here are some of our frequently asked questions and their answers.

We advise all Foodies to use a valid, working email address as all communication and transactions will be carried out through it.
Filling in your personal information will determine your location proximity from our Chefs and will provide all the necessary information needed for delivery
No, your address will only become available if you request delivery.
That address can be used to deliver food to any address other than your home address.
No, you can only request a dish that is in the available times for the Chef. However, you can place the dish on your “Wishlist” and we will notify you when it becomes available to order!
Once your order has been placed, there will be a communication portal where you can communicate with the Chef on wait times, order process and progression.
Leave a good review and rating on the Chef’s profile!
Leave a rating on the Chefs profile and get in touch with our team.
Some of our Chefs offer delivery within a certain radius. If you order from these Chefs and request delivery, the Chef will deliver your order at a cost. If they do not offer delivery, you will have to pick it up.
The serving sizes represent how many people can eat from the dish.
You can narrow down your search by listing out your dietary restrictions and then checking the ingredients in each dish you order.
As many times as you want!

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