If so, you can earn money while cooking a meal for your family, it’s simple

Why be part of My Neighbourhood Kitchen?

Looking for something different to eat?
Get that home cook meal?

Browse through our selection of fresh foods available in your area. Filter your results by choosing healthy meals, certain ethnic foods, gourmet meals or even vegan options! We have chefs with a lot of cooking experience who know how to prepare good food daily! Whatever you are craving, we probably have it!

Make some extra dishes and feature it here.

Earn extra money or start your own food delivery service.

You can cater to parties too!

Why Order Your Food From
My Neighbourhood Kitchen?

We have an authentic range of Home Chefs who showcase their dishes along with the cost. Also there are wide range of options to choose from.

  • Use the Foodie Account in the Website to order your food.
  • Our location based feature will let you know what’s available in your neighbourhood.
  • You can select the meal you are looking for, view the home chef’s profile and read the reviews about him/her.
  • There are pickup and delivery options too.
  • Look at the weekly plan and add to your wishlist, so prepare you entire week’s meal plan.
  • Healthier options, a wide variety for your picky children.
  • Help us not to waste food.

Do Your Meal Selection

Select the desired meal from list of food available in your neighbourhood. Increasing the distance in your search option will also help in fetching higher number of choices.

  • Pick your meal, get the meal description and other details.
  • View the Home Chef’s profile to get more information on the Chef and available dishes.
  • Add the Quantity of food as per the servings displayed and place it into the cart.
  • You have the choice of adding multiple meals from same Chef but cannot have meals from multiple chefs in one cart

Order Your Meal

Once you have selected the meal(s) and placed in the cart, you can now complete the order. You will receive notification after the Chef has received and accepted you order.

  • There will be an estimated time required for preparing the meal. The Chef will keep you posted on food preparation.
  • At the time of placing the order, you will get a choice between pickup from Chef’s location or delivery at additional cost., choose the desired option.
  • Time to eat! Your freshly made delicious food is on it’s way or ready for a pickup

Enjoy Your Meal & Save Money

Once you get your meal, enjoy it and let us know what you think about the Home Chef’s cooking.

  • Please leave a review, it will help us improve our service.
  • Leave a comment for the Home Chef, it will help them to improve their servicing. Your feedback is very important to us.
  • Save Money! My Neighbourhood Kitchen offers users a cheaper option to eating out that does not involve cooking! Our chefs create fresh, reasonably priced food suitable for all needs that is also healthy. Look no further!
We had you at FRESH.

Loved the food so much you want to try a shot at whipping it up?

Request the Chef for the recipe and ingredients used and hand pick it from our live marketplace!


We are in your hood!

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If we are not in your neighbourhood or city yet, shoot us an email and we’ll let you know our plans!